Alice’s Wonderland

It is hard to believe that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was written way back in 1865…boy doesn’t time just whizz by. The timeless classic that was created by Charles Dodgson, aka Lewis Carroll, still mesmerises people of all ages even to this very day.

The five-reel, 20-payline video slot machines lift the world of Lewis Carroll straight from the pages of his famous book and dumps them onto the small screen with magnificent results. The book is littered with characters and storylines and the game has that theme running through its very core. There is so much action you won’t know your Mad Hatter from your Cheshire cat?

At mariacasino.dk the Alice symbol is the games wild symbol and this means she acts as a substitute for all other symbols thus creating so many more ways to win. Then you have the Tea Party Bonus and Progressive Jackpot, which are activated when you hit three, four or five Mad Hatter scatter symbols anywhere on the five reels. When you enter the bonus game screen you have the choice of four characters: Alice, March Hare, Dormouse and the Mad Hatter. You select one of them to drink a cup of tea, and the longer they drink the more money you win. Once the character has stopped drinking you select another, and then another, until all four have finished their tea and you are handed your winnings on a saucer!

With Rabbit Hole and Pocket Watch bonus features as well, Alice’s Wonderland is one of the very best slot machines on the market for variety and playability. So good in fact it will leave you grinning like a Cheshire cat.