A Beginners Tutorial: Poker Basics

For those who are new to the game of poker, The following are some of the basics of poker that will help the people to get good understanding of the game. The game of poker is a game of five card hands that are dealt from a 52- card deck of standard playing cards.

All the hands in a game of poker consist of five cards but this is an exception in the seven card stud where the players given more than five cards to choose from. However, the result of the game is determined based on the weight of the five cards in almost all the poker games.

There is a series of betting rounds that takes place across the table and the people player with the best poker hand wins the game of the poker and the bets. The best hand is determined based on the Poker Hand Value Ratings chart.

For people who wish to play poker, various online casinos websites offer poker games just for fun and people can play poker on the sites just for fun without investing a single penny. that is also true when you play a usa online casino for American players who can easily play without investing any cash.