For Beginners: A Roulette Glossary

Just like all the other major casino games, the roulette too has its own terminology, which sometimes is beyond the comprehension of a common person. If you are one of those people looking to master the game of roulette, then the following understanding of the words will help.

Column bet: This refers to the outside bet where the players can wager on numbers that appear in a vertical column on the roulette table consisting of twelve numbers.
Croupier: This refers to the dealer in the card games. The Croupier is a casino appointed staff member
Dozen bet: It is almost similar to column bet but differs in terms of covering the numerical order such as 1-12 and so on until 36.

Even or odd bet: This refers to the bet on whether the ball will land on even number or odd number
French Roulette: This refers to the French version of the game played on European table layout and contains different rules than the American version.
Trio Bet: This is a form of combination bet in, which the player bets on three possible numbers at the time of ball coming to rest