The Different Games Casinos Have To Offer

If you are fed up of playing the most common casino games, then it is now time that you look at some of the unique casino games. The following are some of the unique casino games that are played in a casino.

Keno: This is one of the unique games played in casino. It is a lottery game where eighty numbers are drawn through the balls marked with the numbers. In this, the players guess the numbers that are drawn and can guess anywhere from the 20 numbers.

Craps: This is another unique casino game that is played in a casino. This is a complex dice-rolling game. In this game, the roller throws the dice and tries to roll the number. If 7 and 11 appear then the roller wins and if two, 3 and 12 appear the roller loses. These are not the only rolls and players can bet on other rolls as well.

These were some of the unique games played in casino. If you are one of those people who are looking to play unique games in a casino, then it is advisable that you try your hand in these games.