Android App: Poker Odds Camera Gives Equity Calculations in Home Game

Poker has been revolutionized by online poker and gaming being available on mobile devices. This, of course, is done through apps offered by Google or Apple for Android phones or the iPhone. Now that you are able to play on your phone with real money, many other apps have been created for poker fans. They may not all necessarily be online poker apps featuring an online poker room where you can play and wager real money. Some apps offer פoker tutorials or online poker for free where you can play a fun game of poker against a computer opponent or even with your friends.
Along with the rest of these apps, comes an Android app which can be used if you are a playing a home game with your friends. ‘Poker Odds Camera’ can give you a slight advantage in making odds calculations more convenient. If you are having an odds debate with your friends and you don't want the manual labor of an odds calculation, all you have to do is take a photo of the competing hands with your phone or tablet. The app will then provide equity calculations in an overlay image. If you want to guess what your opponent is holding, you also have the option of typing the hands in manually.

This software works for any all-in situation for two or more players and can return equity calculations at the flop or turn. Aside from the camera ability, the app also features a standard equity calculator, supporting two hand match ups, and range vs. range calculations. Plans are underway to upgrade the app by adding the ability to save and share the photos taken which show equity calculations, and add Omaha odds.

This Android app is free and available in the Google Play store. But keep in mind that it requires Android 3.0 or newer.