Learning Numbers - Blackjack Card Counting

To apply a strategy successfully, it is better to understand how card counting works. The main essence of card counting is to keep a track of almost all the cards that are dealt to adjust to the betting pattern.

Almost all the card counting system begins with a count of 0. This means that the count will be zero when you will first sit down at a blackjack table. However, this count keeps on fluctuating as it depends heavily on the cards that are dealt. A player needs to keep a proper track of not only the cards that they have but also the cards dealt to the players and the dealer on the table.

If you have a higher count, then it is better to bet larger amount of money as you will get the mathematical advantage. However, it is advisable that you start betting smaller amounts once your count starts to drop and gets negative or neutral as in such a scenario the casino has the higher advantage.

This was all about card counting, it is necessary for you to gain thorough knowledge about card counting as it decides how you are going to bet. Playing online blackjack is just as exciting as playing in a real casino and there is the same chance of winning.