The art of Online Poker Tell(ing)

In relation to physical presence poker, in online poker you won’t find much tells in your opponents than can give you an idea of what they have between their hands. There are scarce tells that will tell you if your opponent is bluffing or not, especially in Texas Holdem online. The reason is obvious: you cannot see the person against whom you are playing.

However, this can play both sides, because you can focus on the tactical side of your game and learn to play in different situations with an improved technique. However, there are some online poker tells that you should be aware of, tells that can reveal the real strength of your opponent's hand. Online tells will never be as secure as the ones in offline poker, but we fully recommend new players on free online poker to take this data into account, as it could seriously improve their chances.

Long wait and spend

This tell shows that your opponent is weak, because he wants you to think that he is considering to make a move when he really has nothing to be worried about. If you have a big hand, let him dance in limbo a while and then crush him. Check our poker blog for more tips and insights.

Long wait and bet / raise

This is the opposite of the above. This action shows strength, since your opponent would have you believe he is thinking of raising because he has a weak hand, when he really has a strong hand. If you think about it, in the case you have a monster hand you do not want to bet quickly and show confidence in your bet, because this can scare your opponents and make them leave the boat. So, be prepared in this situation.

Pass / bet instantly

Almost all poker sites have tabs were you can select the action before your turn to act. This means that you will act instantly on your turn. It is not wise to use these buttons for the following reasons: When you see someone act in an instant manner, it comes as a sign of great weakness. Therefore, bet / raise instantly shows strength, since your opponent is happy to put more money into the pot before seeing what the other players and before your turn to act.

The difficulty of online poker to detect tells as we said comes from the fact that you can’t your opponent’s facial expressions while playing.

Unique tips to win in Texas Holdem Poker

For people who love to play games online like Roulette, scratch cards, or Texas Holdem Poker and who wish to make the most out of the game, the following are some unique tips, which will help them to gain advantage over the opponents and win these games online.

The first important tip, which the players need to use, is not to reveal anything from their reaction once they have all cards in their hand. These reactions also include facial reactions and other reactions. The key here is to keep your opponents guessing about the cards you have. If you do this, you will gain an advantage over the opponents in the beginning of the game.

The other unique tip, which the players can use, is to consider folding before the flop. This is useful especially if the player has two non-pair cards, whose value is less than 10. The other unique tip, which the players can use while playing the game is to study the behavior of the opponents. These were some of the unique tips, which the players can utilize while playing a game of Texas Holdem Poker.

Game Changers: Playboy Poker as a Lifestyle Choice

Poker sites have many ways of catching the eye of players. Some show a big banner with a guy that apparently won a lot of money by playing there (which has become sort of a cliché) others display flashy graphics that makes players want to close down the site.

This is where Playboy stands out from the crowds, having recently launched play poker, their first foray into the world of online gambling and hopefully… not their last. In Playboy Poker, the players will be greeted by a sexy woman and no gimmicks, just the promise of a fun and elegant time.

The main objective of Playboy Poker is to provide differentiated assets in the mature market of online poker. Do they achieve this difficult goal? They certainly have all the tools, and unbeatable prizes with life-changing experiences. Keep reading to get embedded into this new world of Playboy Poker.

Elegance Flourishing from Every Corner

Playboy Poker features some of the slickest art designs in the world of gambling. Every corner of the site worth a visit, as it can be noted that extreme care was taken in the little details. There are no overbearing animations or distracting sounds, just a minimalist art style that intends to make a comfortable environment. The fast-loading interface provides a very smooth poker experience.

Party on the Playboy Mansion

In the promotions department, Playboy Poker excels giving some cute bonuses to every kind of player, may them be new players or veterans. Right now they are even offering two tickets to an exclusive party on the Playboy Mansion, house of beautiful girls… many beautiful girls.

In addition, they are giving $3500 in expenses to the lucky winners, so it’s certainly is something to bear in mind. Apart from this special promotion, they regularly offer deposit bonuses and free gaming sessions.

Games Variety

Playboy Poker offers a wide range of poker games, yet they keep working hard to expand their offer every day. Since their recent 2013 launch, Playboy Poker has achieved very impressive results and grows as a game changer with the key competitive advantage of providing priceless Playboy Mansion parties and exclusive events impossible to find elsewhere. It’s not all about money - Playboy Poker is a lifestyle choice.

Play Poker for Entertainment at the Red Flush Casino

Poker is fun to play. I know that. But is it just as much fun when you play with a pile of cash in mind? When your goal is not just to defeat your opponents, but also fill your pockets with some well deserved money? I think not - when you play with the possible wins in mind, you will most likely be exhausted by the end of the day. So, if you want to relax, what do you play?

I would say, video poker at the Red Flush Casino would be a great choice for such moments, allowing you to wind down after an exhausting battle at the poker table.

What is video poker?

Video poker is the easiest casino game a poker player can learn. Basically, it's a single-player version of Five Card Draw, with a few basic differences - instead of the pot, the player is paid based on hand value according to a paytable, and there are no opponents. The computer does all the shuffling and dealing.

What variants of video poker can I play?

There are quite a few from which you can choose.

The Red Flush casino has one of the largest collections of video poker variants. The available versions include the standard video poker, versions with extra bonuses, Deuces Wild (where the twos act as wild cards), Jacks or Better (where the smallest hand of value is a pair of Jacks), and many others - tens of them to choose from. The Red Flush Casino's downloadable suite has the complete collection, but there are quite a few you can try on their website. Besides, Red Flush also has a series of mobile video poker games for its players, which you can explore wherever you go.

Is video poker a game of chance?

Yes, it is. Unlike the "real" Five Card Draw, video poker does not involve a clash of nerves and poker faces at the table. This makes it a very easy game, and fast paced - you won't have to wait for your opponents to place their bets, as you don't have opponents.

How about the winnings?

Video poker is generally considered one of the most profitable casino games of them all. Along with blackjack and Casino War, video poker is one of the few games that give players an almost 50% chance to win every hand. And the odds to win are increased even further when you play multi-hand video poker variants. Red Flush offers its players a version called "Power poker", where they can play up to 100 hands at the same time.

Understanding Variance to Improve Your Profits

One of the toughest aspects of online poker is dealing with variance, but if you really want to become a top grinder like Tom "durrrr" Dwan or Phil Galfond you need to understand this important concept.

In concrete terms, variance is the statistical distribution of results over a long period of time. In reality this means the fluctuation of results during the course of each session as well as multiple sessions. Because variance can swing both ways it will mean that sometimes you'll get lucky in certain situations and sometimes you won't. However, it's how you deal with it in both instances that will determine your success rate.

A common trap most novice online poker players, perhaps those who have just signed up on Betway, fall into is to think that when variance is on their side that it's a true reflection of their skill level. This kind of hubris is something that pushes players to become overconfident in their ability and play games that are beyond their limits, something which is obviously a major problem.

Conversely, when variance is against someone, they often feel like nothing they do is going to work and thus they often take risks that they normally wouldn't. By ignoring the +EV move and submitting to luck, this represents a sure-fire way for someone to lose their bankroll and thus another scenario that needs to be avoided.

As mentioned, there is nothing anyone can do about variance as it's a natural part of poker; however, by simply understanding it from a logical perspective you can improve your game. Not allowing it to affect your decision making process is crucial and it frees up your mind so that you can focus on what's +EV and what isn't.

Because the right move doesn't always yield the right result it can be tough to handle, but by understanding this is just variance at work it can help you to continue making the right play. For example, if you know it's correct to move all-in with pocket jacks against a loose player it doesn't matter if you lose three in a row; you should always make the fourth all-in because it's the right thing to do.